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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The SIM-WIL Electric Car: 200+ miles on a single charge

Sim-Wil electric car

A very new and interesting electric car has been unveiled by SIM-Drive, a Japanese company that is making a push to capture a big chunk of the Electric Vehicle (EV) market with the SIM-WIL, its “future production car”.

sim-wil ev interior

The WIL (if you will) touts an estimated total range of 218 miles with a impressive top speed of 110 mph and the acceleration of a mid-level sports car (zero to 60mph in an estimated 5.4 seconds). The car will require 12 hours of charge time on a 200 volt (household) outlet to reach a full charge. Another major plus  — though the Wil is classified as a compact car, it has the interior space of a larger sedan-like vehicle.  (more…)

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