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As more and more of us are cutting back on using petroleum-derived, plastic-based products, here’s a timely new toothbrush whose handle is made of Ingeo, a plant-based material that, under ideal circumstances, will biodegrade in roughly six months – rather than sit in a landfill for decades. World Centric, the makers of this new product is working on developing bristles that are also compostable, but for now, the bristles are not biodegradable since they’re made of soft nylon.

For the purposes of this Tried and True Green Product Review, we received 3 toothbrushes for our panel of willing testers. Here’s what we think… they’re a step in the right direction, and good for people and planet in more ways than one.

These are not super-charged, overly designed toothbrushes that will sit a landfill for decades once discarded. These are nice, lightweight toothbrushes that get the job done. The handle has an ergonomic design that fits easily into your hand. The head can be detached before composting. They are packaged in a clear case (also made of Ingeo) that can be reused as a travel case. These certified compostable toothbrushes are available in green, blue or orange (with soft bristles) and retail for $4.55/each; $11.40 for a set of 3.

World Centric donates 25% of before tax profits to social and environmental grassroots organizations while simultaneously providing discounts to schools and non-profits. Furthermore, as part of their own grass-roots efforts to eliminate Styrofoam use entirely, they provide 5-compartment cafeteria trays to schools, at cost.


Did you know? According to World Centric, every year in the United States some 450 million plastic toothbrushes make their way to landfills nationally. The majority of those toothbrushes will never biodegrade and will remain intact for decades. World Centric is dedicated to sustainability and suggests that you send them your toothbrushes for proper composting if an appropriate facility is not available in your area. Hopefully, more readily available composting stations are around the corner, so to speak. It would be great to be able to walk the beach some day and not see the sand littered with tossed toothbrushes – it’s ridiculous how frequently I see that.

You can snag online @ or here. For a retailer, check out their store locator.