wetnoses dog treats
Walking through the local grocery store at the pet section, I notice that a variety of the dog treats are either full of preservatives (making them have long storage dates) or loaded with carbohydrates from processed wheat and corn (filler mainly). Many dog owners nowadays are looking into organic alternatives for their four legged companions.

dog with treat on noseWet Noses, an organic dog treat company, headquarters located in Monroe, Washington, makes a variety of natural flavored cookies that are sure to satisfy your dog’s palette. There’s a wide array of nutritious and delicious sounding flavors ranging from sweet potato to apples and carrots, as well as peanut butter and molasses. Choose from bite size brownies, birthday cupcakes, nibbles, cookies, stars training treats and lots more. Looking at the company website, customers can view the dietary benefits, ingredient lists, and local vendors throughout the United States.

pumpkin dog treats

The treats are sold in 14 oz. bags for $7.95 and the 1.5 oz. trial size bags for $1. 99 through the Wet Noses online store. They also offer 5 pound and 13 pound buckets of treats. I also noticed that they’re offering a special right now, you can receive a flat rate of $5 shipping on all orders. find @ wet-noses.com