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Friday, September 28, 2012


eco fashion friday finds – funky but chic

felted wool eco coat by vilte

High fashion alert! Created by Vilte – this white and grey OOAK felted coat is a stunning array of layers and textures – created without seams using the nuno felting technique.

Made from layer-upon-layer of renewable natural fibers — the coat is really a poetry of fibers. The kimono’s inner side is constructed of soft natural white silk chiffon, the middle layer is warm and soft merino wool and the texture is made with raw wool from various breeds of sheep, raw silk, flax, and alpaca wool. Despite its many ingredients the handmade kimono coat remains thin, soft and drapable.

The kimono, which would best fit XS-S-M sizes, is a work of art so we won’t talk about the price … find it at the vilte Etsy shop.

fingerless eco knit gloves

Do you talk with your hands? These hand-knitted fingerless gloves will definitely help you make your point — or fashion statement. Made with vintage yarn (1970’s?), recycled wool felted straps and retro buttons. $29 from Pia Barile

mohop wood sandal

These distinctively stylish wood-soled shoes are handmade in Chicago by mohop. These ‘mid maple thong’ shoes are made from sustainably sourced maple — and they’re on sale for 30% off ($101.50) @

recycled gold wedding band

If you’re searching for a custom wedding band that’s a proper expression of your ‘nature girl’ persona this Gold Twig ring may be just the thing. Made from recycled 14K gold this eco wedding band will make the perfect symbol of both your love of nature – and your affection for your new hubby. $390 from PreciousJD

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

a mixed bag of green news

ocean fish

mangrove snapper underwater photo via

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

sustainable style: bamboo iPhone 5 case from Grove

bamboo iphone 5 case grove

You just invested time, energy and a bunch of cash into acquiring the latest Holy Grail of trendy smartphones – Apple’s new iPhone 5 – now it’s time to protect your new-best-friend and precious status symbol.  A sustainable,  eco-friendly solution – this beautiful, natural, bamboo iPhone 5 case from Grove (above + below).

grove iphone 5 bamboo case

The protective case features a solid bamboo exterior fused to a plant fiber composite core — a combo of 100% post-consumer fibers and renewable bamboo. Its strength comes from being bound with water-based resins under tremendous pressure.

The folks at Portland-based Grove do everything in-house – – including creating the case’s sleek lase-cut, hand-sanded, oil finished form. You can even have the case custom engraved.

Pre-order by Sept. 30th and get the case for $59 @

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Roaring Springs Paper: student supplies made from sugar cane and recycled materials

eco paper productsNow that college is in session again students are getting ready to stock up on note-taking products, testing materials and blue books for upcoming exams. Roaring Spring Paper Products provides a wide variety of eco-friendly products designed for students made from renewable, recycled sugarcane fibers. The products range from office supplies like envelopes and legal pads to student essentials like spiral notebooks, art supplies, scantrons and examination books like the green book.

The company also provides products from two other sources: recycled, post consumer paper and refined animal waste (i.e. cow and elephant poop).  Catalogs are available by request from the Roaring Springs’ website and products can be purchased at many local college bookstores.

Note: Sugar cane is a raw material that shows great potential as a significant source of alternative energy and as a fuel source from its waste after extraction.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

recycled silver shark’s tooth necklace – add some ‘bite’ to your wardrobe

recycled silver shark tooth necklace

Want to express your inner Steve Zissu, your love of all things aquatic, or your razor sharp business acumen? Perhaps this shark tooth necklace created from recycled sterling silver by Designer Andrea Bonelli will let you express all that and more.

$75 from Andrea Bonelli Jewelry

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