vegan sandwich

For readers in Southern California, Portland, Boulder, and Chicago, Native Foods Café is a place where you can grab fast, delicious vegan food for a great price in a friendly restaurant.

For readers in all places, you can still enjoy their eclectic, earth-friendly menu with the Native Foods Café Cookbook, written by founder and chef Tanya Petrovna, who has appeared on The Food Network.

Native Foods CookbookI wish I had discovered Native Foods sooner! Although I am not a vegan (technically I’m a pescetarian who opts for sustainable seafood), I do enjoy good vegan food, especially when it tastes flavorful, hearty, and clean. What I have found eating out in Los Angeles is that often vegan restaurants make excellent food, but they don’t always lend themselves to inexpensive casual dining, and they may have an elitist atmosphere that could make some meat-eaters uncomfortable. Not so at Native Foods!

I met a friend for lunch at the Native Foods in Westwood last week, (more…)