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The holidays are an exciting time when friends and family can celebrate the magical beauty of the winter season. Unfortunately, as families begin to decorate for their celebrations, the holidays can suddenly become a source of excessive waste of important resources such as energy and trees. For this reason, the following ideas have been offered in order to help you and your loved ones decorate for the upcoming holidays while using environmentally-friendly practices and products that will ensure your decorations preserve the natural beauty of the season for many more years to come:

fallornament.jpgLook to Nature: In many families, there is an age-old debate of whether artificial or real trees are better. While each of these choices both has advantages and drawbacks, the best solution is to purchase a live tree that can be replanted. Then, natural ornaments can be chosen to decorate the tree such as pine cones and popcorn strands. Additionally, pine needles and boughs can be found outdoors. These can be made into beautiful wreaths and garlands that can then be decorated with berries and other natural ornaments.

Choose Reusable Décor: Sometimes, natural products are not enough to decorate an entire home. For these decorations, it is best to choose ones that can be reused year after year. For example, cloth place mats can be selected in holiday designs that can be washed and stored to be used the next time the holidays come around. Additionally, outdoor decorations such as garden décor can be selected in cloth and other reusable materials that will last for many years. By choosing to use reusable décor, a person can also continue to build their decorating supplies to create an impressive display each year.

Reduce Energy Use: Christmas lights are beautiful for everyone to enjoy. However, they can lead to a significant increase in a household’s electricity usage. For this reason, it is best to purchase indoor and outdoor LED lights as this type of lighting uses less electricity and will outlast other versions. Additionally, setting lights on a timer can help to make sure that they are turned off in the late evening hours when they will be less likely to be viewed. Candles and other natural forms of light can also further reduce the energy use for a home this holiday season.

When a family chooses to take an eco-friendly stance for their holiday decorations, then they will also be making a strong statement about their commitment to caring for our planet. For this reason, you should look for natural and reusable products that can help to create a festive atmosphere while also protecting the precious resources and natural beauty of the earth.