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Eco-Camping Trips for Family Holidays

burgundy coutryside

Camping and glamping are very in vogue. Something about the recession has spurred families and couples alike to swap weeks in hotels for breaks as happy campers. Of course, it’s not just the financial benefits of camping that have us all heading en plein air, there are also environmental advantages to consider.

Campers tend to travel overland, which creates far less of a carbon footprint than air travel and this needn’t necessarily mean staying put in your home country either. Thanks to strong ferry and train links it’s fairly easy and affordable to travel within Europe with the purpose of taking in a bit of countryside, culture and sunshine. Minimizing what equipment you take with you can help minimise your carbon footprint and make travel that bit easier.

france camping

Several big firms are very switched on when it comes to green camping and will even allow you to book ferry travel as part of a package deal with them and if you want to make sure your campsite is as committed to eco issues as you are there are ways you can check:  (more…)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

industrial style: upcycled drain pipe wine racks

upcycled drain pipe wine racks

An interesting fact: 20 to 30% of the waste from construction projects is recycled or reused. Why not make stylish use of some of this recovered industrial material in your home? Case in point — these handsome wine racks (above) made from the marriage of a chunk of reclaimed beam salvaged from a demolished 1800’s home and upcycled sections of salvaged industrial drain pipe recovered from an abandoned construction project. Modern, rustic and eco-friendly — what’s not to love?

You can find these wine racks and more stylishly sustainable, upcycled products @


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