planet earth and human eye

 Let’s get real — we can’t afford to sit out this Presidential election. Anyone concerned with the environment can’t allow lingering disappointment in the Obama administration’s environmental policies to prevent them from voting for him in this critical Presidential election. At this point in the brain-numbing process of electing the next POTUS we’re all sick of talking points and finger pointing, junk science and political malpractice (have you seen Romney’s latest Jeep ad?). The shocking havoc left in Super Storm Sandy’s wake (estimated $60 billion in damage) has inserted a fresh dose of reality back into the political equation by re-energizing the debates over climate change, infrastructure investment and Federal disaster relief.

President Obama’s pragmatic stance on many environmental and conservation issues may not please the most ardent treehuggers but it is far greener than his opponent, that most agile of flip-floppers – Mitt Romney. Mitt has scrapped his former positions on climate change and alternative energy development and has fully embraced the Republican Party’s affinity for: junk science, deregulation, fossil fuel production and smaller government (dismantle FEMA and the EPA). The Republican Party’s cynical strategy has leveraged the recent economic downturn to coerce people to vote against their own self-interest.

Do you want a president that understands that climate change is real and dangerous, who firmly believes learning and science are key building blocks for our future, that protected wildlife refuges are created to protect wildlife, and corporations are not people but businesses that don’t always do the right thing and do need a little supervision — or do you envision ‘change’ as a step back in time when corporations dumped pollutants wherever they chose, public lands were created to be plundered and polluted, and real science is discarded  (crazy concepts like climate change and evolution) in favor of short term financial gain? Governor Romney supports climate and energy policies that advocate the rollback of automobile fuel economy standards (lung cancer anyone?), the drilling for oil in protected coastal waters and wildlife preserves (didn’t we all love that BP oil spill!) and the deregulation of both the oil and gas industries. Let’s face it, Mitt Romney has never met a mountaintop removal mining project he didn’t love and it’s no coincidence that fossil fuel giant Chevron just made the single largest political contribution by a public company to a super PAC – the Republican favoring Congressional Leadership Fund – in U.S. history. This is no time to hand the keys to a Republican Party hellbent on returning us to the halcyon days of gas guzzling cars, 12-children-families and smog-inducing deregulation – all in the name of personal freedom and job creation.

A Republican administration would make every effort to: rollback key Supreme Court decisions like Rowe v. Wade, build offshore oil rigs instead of wind turbines and bring with it a gaggle of clowns, climate change deniers and Tea Party buffoons. We all support recycling, but Willard “Mitt” Romney’s rehashed Bush administration trickle-down stool sample is just too much to take.

So there appears to be only one course of action, get out and vote. Most individuals with an affinity for rational thought, a love of nature and a grade school comprehension of science understand that President Obama is the only logical choice.

So don’t get all worried and depressed by the prospect of a potential Romney/Ryan victory,  get pissed-off. It’s time for all earth-loving treehuggers, conservationists and green enthusiasts to put down their morning bowl of granola, throw on an organic cotton t-shirt, slip into their hemp sneakers and get out and cast a vote … a vote for both Barack Obama, and Mother Earth.

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