happle's organic pie slices

With the holidays fast upon us and winter drawing near, the appeal of desserts like pies, cakes, pastries, cookies, and brownies will continue to grow. One company that provides a tasty array of healthful desert solutions is Happle’s, a bakery that prides itself on creating American made pies and pastries. The company, headquartered in Williamsburg, Iowa, was founded in 1992, and started going organic in 2004.

vegan kringle danishAll ingredients used to make the delectable treats (with the exception of sea salt) are certified organic. Instead of regular bleached flour, Happle’s uses organic spelt flour, making Happle’s pastries safe to eat for those who have wheat allergies. Since there is no lard (animal fat) and dairy (animal milk) in the pies, it is safe for vegans as well. Pastry lovers can choose from a selection of fruit and berry pies (apple, cherry, cranberry apple, blueberry, peach, and pumpkin) which sell for $24.95 each or $39.95 for two. Kringles (a danish-style pastry) are sold in two packs with a fruit or nut filling (apple, cherry, raspberry, or almond) for $19.95.

Happle’s products can be purchased through their website — www.happlegourmet.com