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Thursday, November 15th is America Recycles Day. You can go to the America Recycles Day website to download a toolkit to start your own event or sign-up for an event in your community.

river tire romoval

If you run into any old tires in your clean-up effort, Bridgestone’s One Team, One Planet program will remove any old tires you find. Bridgestone has also teamed-up with the River Network in a program to remove discarded tires from local waterways and environment. The new community clean-up support program will recycle spent tires collected during any River Network or other independently organized clean-up event – free of charge.

On a smaller, everyday scale, always carry a bag with you to the beach or park to pick-up any litter you may find — the good karma will stay with you forever.

Remember — it’s never too late to start recycling.