bogobrush biodegradable toothbrush

bogo brush bamboo toothbrush

Fact: over 450 million, predominantly non-biodegradable plastic, toothbrushes are thrown away in the USA each year. Bogobrush, a new bamboo toothbrush designed and marketed by the brother-sister duo, John and Heather McDougall, is intended to reduce the number of toothbrushes filling up our local landfills while providing a stylishly effective toothbrushing choice.


bamboo toothbrush

The Bogobrush is nicely designed, from its cylindrical form, sculpted of renewable bamboo, to its biodegradable nylon bristles, it’s intended to take care of people’s mouths for months, and when it’s finished, return safely to the earth.

Bogobrush has a social mission too —  the company is teaming up with oral health organizations across the country, so that when each Bogobrush is purchased, another one is given to a person in need – a very nice idea.

Currently you can only pre-order the Bogobrush (it has an estimated roll-out of March 2013). A single brush will cost $10 and a set of 4 costing $40 – which includes free delivery of a new brush every 3 months.