haven starter kit

A Tried and True Green Product Review

As a devout user of non-toxic household cleaning supplies, I’ve tried a slew of planet- and body-friendly household cleaning supplies over the years — from do-it-yourself baking soda/distilled vinegar/lemon solutions — to Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox, Dr Bronner, Conserve, Grab Green, Ecover, and many more.

The Goods
I recently received a shipment of Haven home cleaning supplies, and was pleased from my first glance into the box. BIG brown bottles (32 ounce sizes) were partially filled with Haven ingredients – all haven air freshenernatural and organic – with instructions to fill up the empty part of the bottles with distilled water. Yay, no needlessly heavy items were shipped – better for the planet & your pocketbook.

The Starter Kit includes 5 essentials: All-Purpose Cleaner, Castile Soap, Air & Linen Spray, Furniture Polish and Scrub Powder. Each of these products performs well and smells heavenly.

I mix a little Scrub Power (my personal fave) with Sweet Orange & Spice Castile Soap (so versatile & useful) and I’m able to whisk away bathtub and shower door scum and grime. The shower glass glistens and remains clean a good while longer than usual. The Lemon + Mint All-Purpose Cleaner is a real multitasker, designed to work on: sealed marble or granite counter tops, sink, stainless steel appliances, butcher block, back splash, faucets, mirrors, glass, tile, carpet or wood finished floors. The Coconut + Grapefruit Furniture Polish (looks like old-style shoe polish!) does a beautiful job spiffing up all my wood furniture. It works great on leather, too – my car interior never looked so good. Freshen the air & couches with a little spritz of Air & Linen – it deodorizes and leaves a lovely lavender scent throughout. So soothing. I savor it, and love using it just before guests arrive.

The Green Business
Haven is crafted with care in Brooklyn, NY by Kayce White, founder and chief botanist. Originally from South Carolina and having grown up on a farm, perhaps that’s why her “natural sensibilities” seem heightened. All ingredients used are easily biodegradable and derived from organic sources wherever possible. None of the nasties (chemicals, parabens, phthalates, dyes, synthetic scents, phosphates, sulfates and petroleum-based ingredients) are present in her unique formulations. Effective and pure, we give Haven our green thumbs up.

The Starter Kit includes 5 products packaged in 3 reusable bottles with quality spray nozzles & 2 jar containers – all built to last. Kits retail for $79.95. Important to note: refills, samples and individual products may be purchased as well. More @ havenclean.com

Full disclosure: We received a complimentary Starter Kit for the purposes of this Tried and True Green Products Review. We thank Haven for their generosity. Please understand, dear reader, that in no way did this influence our unbiased review.