ibuku pets toy

If you’re a parent who’s just upgraded to an iPhone 5, or you have an old iPhone or iPod looking for a new home – or job – Arbor Cube may have a solution – the company’s new toy – the iBuku Pet – turns your old iPhone or iPod Touch into an eco-friendly interactive toy for kids.

ibuku pets cases

The toy satisfies your little one’s constant desire to see why you find your smartphone or iPod so fascinating, by providing them the opportunity to have their own entertaining and educational experience with an Apple device. Arbor Cube’s toy combines a sturdy doll to protect protect your device from kiddie accidents, spills and mishaps – with free apps that feature funky characters and environmentally themed storylines to keep kids engaged.

ibuku characters

The apps take children on adventures through a fictional rainforest with a playful cast of characters who will engage kids in fun and games while imparting valuable lessons about recycling and protecting the world from pollution. Characters interact, talk and even sing along with kids. The company intends to keep the free apps constantly updated with new adventures, lessons and features. (more…)