Happy Thanksgiving Day!! Gratitude and blessings all around. Here are a few green tips for avoiding being that guy…or gal, the Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Reduce unnecessary emissions. Don’t leave the car running while you pick-up grandma.
  • Tryptophan junkies should eat more veggies – preferably locally grown and organic.
  • Make dining a classier, less wasteful & more sustainable endeavor; avoid the paper plates, cups and plastic utensils.
  • Reuse that plate you keep shoveling food onto, you’ll save water by making your mother-in-law wash a few less dishes and it will allow her to play in your brood’s annual Thanksgiving Day Texas Hold ’em’ Tournament.
  • Don’t be a pig; exercise portion control. You’ll reduce food waste, fit into your chinos and send less cranberry sauce to the landfill.
  • Avoid plastic – store leftovers in reusable containers (we love glass).
  • Donate some of your excess food to a local soup kitchen or charity.

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