rain wizard solar rain barrel

A rain barrel may not be as sexy a green gift idea as a bamboo halter top or a solar iPhone charger, but in these drought ridden times it may be just what your garden needs. Reusing rainwater runoff from your roof can reduce soil erosion, reduce your home’s demand for H2O, cut your water bill and provide a great, sustainable source of vital water during times of drought.

This Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50 gallon barrel (above) comes with some nice features:

  • a flat back to sit against walls
  • a soft mesh screen that keeps out debris and mosquitoes
  • a brass spigot that adds a vintage look and holds up to the rigors of mother nature
  • an Eco kit that features a downspout diverter and solar-powered pump.

The solar pump can get the water where you need it and can pump 100 gallons at 14 PSI on an 8 hour charge. Every barrel is made in America and comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. 5 color choices to match your home’s siding or color scheme.

$289.99 @ amazon.com