silver stacking rings

amethyst pendant

recycled gold pendant

upcycled tin can necklace

wedding rings

  • recycled sterling silver stacking rings with Swarovski crystal – handmade in Texas @ lovestrucksoul on Etsy (set of 2, $37)
  • Ethically sourced Amethyst Twist Pendant in recycled sterling silver necklace @ ($225)
  • handmade Hearts and Doves Pendant in recycled 18k Gold @ ($300)
  • upcycled tin + sterling silver necklace; handmade in Napa, CA @ ($46)
  • Rolling Wedding Ring in 14K Yellow Gold, Blackened Silver & Conflict-free diamonds @ onegarnetgirl on Etsy ($998)

Today’s curated collection of eco-friendly jewelry features a handful of rings and necklaces at different price points, all ethically sourced and made in the USA. A special shout out to Moonsword’s Chamber – thanks for inspiring a couple of these finds!