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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

eco LED lighting anywhere and everywhere

Everyone is aware that LED Lighting is the most eco lighting currently available but not everyone is aware of how small and compact LED’s actually are. One innovative product that can make a big impact on a home’s decor is Instyle’s LED Tape, a thin and flexible light source that can be used almost anywhere. The LED tape is available in a wide range of colours including specific colour temperature whites and even colour changing. The LED tape is available in different brightnesses making it ideal to be used in a wide range of applications.

The standard brightness range is used in both home applications ideal as feature lighting in covings, kickboards, bathroom mirrors and more, and also commercial applications such as cabinets, back bars, etc. There is also an IP version available making it ideal to be used in bathrooms or externally. The higher brightness range can be used as ‘working light’ in both home and commercial applications.

LED wattage range instyle led tape

It is available in a large range of colours with Warm White being the most popular for the home.

LED illuminated kitchen

(above) The flexible tape can be installed above and below cabinets like in this kitchen.

The LED tape range uses as little as 4.8w per metre and has a life expectancy of 50,000 + hours making it ideal to replace fluorescent tubing, saving you money on both electricity and labour.

LED illuminated shelves

(above) Pure White LED Tape was installed into a grove under the shelving to completely hide the LED’s.

LED kitchen lighting

(above) A kitchen worktop lit up using a single strip of LED’s. It is available in a Warm White (2700k) or a Pure White (5500k).

LED blue lights

(above) LED tape can easily bend around 90 degree corners and only gives off a small amount of heat. The colour changing option when linked to a controller allows you to select any shade of any colour. The wireless remote is an RF remote meaning it doesn’t need to be ‘line of site’ with the receiver making ideal to be hidden. The colour changing remote also allows colour scrolls, whites and is fully dimmable.

LED cove lighting

(above) Cove lighting in a dining room is bright enough to light the whole room without any other lighting.

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