“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders; cherish the natural resources for your children and your children’s children.” – Theodore Roosevelt (26th President of the United States)

For the past several decades, there has been an undying focus on using products that are beneficial to the environment and community. These efforts have resulted in the emergence of “Going Green” campaigns, which has been adopted by organizations around the world. The primary objective is to create a delicate balance between humans and the environment.

A wide range of industries have already adopted eco-friendly processes and practices. So it wasn’t surprising when there was a sudden surge in demand for eco-friendly promotional products.

Promo Direct is a company that has been providing American businesses and organizations with quality promotional products since 1991. Currently, there is an attractive range of eco-friendly giveaways on offer. Here we explore some of these products:

eco-friendly promo products

Tote Bags: The environmental damage caused by plastic bags has encouraged more people to seek safer alternatives. What is better than high quality tote bags? Made of recyclable material, these bags are not only eco-friendly but extremely practical as well. Featuring generous space, these bags will be warmly received by your customers and used when they go shopping. Have a look at the T-Shirt Tote or the Polytex Deluxe Grocery Bag.

Pens and Highlighters: Office stationery has always been in demand as business giveaways. Hugely practical, pens can be used by your customers and employees to jot down notes during meetings. Highlighters will do a good job of marking text for reference later. Go the green route and explore the ECOL Retractable Pen or the Econo Highlighter.

Notebooks: Conventional paper is derived from wood and is definitely unfriendly for the environment. Opt for green books such as the Recycled Terra Notebook Combo or the Eco-Aware Journal and bolster your campaign.
Bottles: Plastic bottles are a health hazard and release harmful chemicals that make them unsafe for reuse. You could explore products such as the 24 oz. Biodegradable Bottle or the 21 oz Super Value Bike Bottle.

Do your bit for the environment and fellow human beings. Get your logo imprinted on these thoughtful gifts and contribute towards making our world a safer place to live.