spalted maple cutting board

We love the rustic-modern style of these spalted maple cutting boards from Gray Works Design. All of their one-of-a-kind products are hand-crafted in their small, Woodstock, NY, studio and the wood is sourced exclusively from sustainably harvested and salvaged local American hardwoods. The spalted look of the wood used in the creation of the boards (above and below) was caused by the interactions of various fungi – creating exotic lines and discoloration in the wood.

minicutting board spalted maple

Gray Works’ carving boards undergo several stages of refinement (by hand) to create their final sculptural form. Each ‘footed platte’ is coated, by hand, with several applications of organic olive oil to ensure a smooth, professional surface. The wood is carefully selected and shaped to highlight spectacular grain, knots, wormholes, and the “noble rot” of spalted wood.

Gray Works also creates a variety of sustainably made furniture pieces such as tables and benches. Their cutting boards come in variety of shapes & sizes, and generally range in price from $25 to $80.