Feeding an infant does not have to cost a fortune or require a lot of time. A one-time investment in a few practical items and you can simply prepare some fresh and delicious homemade nourishment for that ever-growing little one – whether you’re dining out, on the run, or right at home. Here a few DIY items to help get the job done:


(above) Baby Food Mill – This little green gadget grinds fruits and steamed veggies – separating the skin and seeds from the purée. Requiring no electricity or batteries, you simply exert a little muscle to turn the grinder. Preparing organic carrots for dinner? Take a little extra and grind it up for your little one. Voila – homemade baby food! BPA-free, the Baby Food Mill is made of polypropylene with a stainless steel strainer. Dishwasher safe. 8 oz. Bonus points – it doesn’t cost much or take up a lot of room on your counter-top. $16


(above) Grind ‘n Go Baby Food Grinder Bowl – Dining out with your tot in tow? Make a meal anywhere with ease. Grind, feed & store with this handy little set: bowl, lid & detachable spoon. BPA-free; polypropylene. $6





(above) Baby Food Storage – It doesn’t take much food to feed the wee ones, their stomachs are so tiny. You can store additional homemade portions in glass; BPA-free polypropylene cubes; or BPA-free freezer trays. Just pop out the portion when you’re ready to thaw, and serve. They come with stackable trays and interchangeable lids, so they’re ideal for travel, too. It’s a great way to ensure that your little ones are eating what’s best — certified organic, local, non-gmo foods — or whatever may suit your fancy.

  • 4, 2-oz glass cubes with tray and lids $12
  • 4, 4-oz polypro cubes with tray and lids $9
  • Easy-to-peel labels (72 pack) $4
  • Freezer Tray (15, 1-oz portions) PVC & nitrosamine free! Once the purée is frozen, it can be stored in other containers so the tray can be used again. Dishwasher safe. Silicone. $9

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