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garden tower Here’s an innovative, space-saving, DIY gardening solution we found on Kickstarter. A self-sustaining planter that’s perfect for a small yard, patio or urban rooftop. The Garden Tower allows you to grow up to 50 food-producing plants in 4 square feet. The tower is a variation on the vertical gardening concept. Kitchen scraps and food waste are loaded into the center of the tower to create rich, organic compost that can serve as the planting medium for up to 50, fast-growing plants, flowers or herbs.

Earth worms help create nutrient-rich organic compost. Food scraps are loaded into a 6-inch diameter compost cylinder that runs vertically down the center of the tower.

garden tower int.

Excess water (worm tea), worm castings and composted soil exit the bottom of the tower. The water that collects beneath the tower is poured back into the tower to provide mineral-rich moisture and promote accelerated growth. Plants can be planted on the top of the tower and in its 45 side pockets.


  • water efficient
  • composts appropriate food waste
  • accelerates growth
  • space saving
  • sustainable
  • BPA-free
  • recyclable

garden tower crew

If you’d like to contribute to the project visit the Garden Tower Project on Kickstarter – you can get some nice rewards commensurate with the generosity of your contribution. The fund raising project runs through March 10th.