suzanne rae runway show

Last Wednesday the Suzanne Rae show, in a creative format at New York’s Fashion Week, Fall, 2013 collections, unveiled the namesake designer’s new collection that includes sustainable fabrics and zero-waste knitwear in collaboration with knitwear designer Lindsay Degan. Rather than a traditional runway show, the stunning clothing was displayed as if a living, chic museum. Models stood in pairs on platforms in front of draped cloths reminiscent of the simple draping of monastic robes–which have been an inspiration to Rae’s designs. The models occasionally traded places across the venue, allowing the audience to see each piece of the collection in movement.

suzanne rae runway show ivory

The humble yet elegant designs in this collection are a hallmark of Suzanne Rae, who, “to make thought-provoking clothing that offers women the kind of confidence that encourages love and goodness…turned toward the service industry that involves giving aid to those in need; to serve the greater good that is humanity.”

Suzanne Rae, a Brooklyn-based designer of minimalist clothing with linear, feminine silhouettes, looks for opportunities to incorporate sustainable fabrics and local industries such as New York’s garment district wherever possible.

suzanne rae ivory georgette drop waist dress

Striking about this collection is its effortless look accomplished by understated, carefully proportioned, and intricately constructed garments in luxurious fabrics. My favorite by far is the ivory georgette drop waist dress, (above) although there is much to like here.

suzanne rae runway

The eco-conscious collection aims to “[remind] us of the selfless acts we are able to perform when we feel good about ourselves.”

To find Suzanne Rae designs, see the stocklists here:

Photos by Kyla Buckingham