hybrid home

Hybrid homes are increasing in popularity across the UK. This year, more than two million families want to have a new custom built, or self-build, home. Only 15,000 Britons will succeed in achieving this during the coming year due to planning permission, but the point is that more and more people want to go back to basics and build their own dream home.

What is a hybrid home?
Hybrid homes are types of self-build that use dual sources and a combination of building methods. This means that they could use log or timber, as well as traditional materials. The question is, why? Why are so many families choosing to put in the hard effort and graft, instead of simply buying a property that is already constructed?

Fret not my friend, as by the time you have finished reading this article, you will be blown over by the amazing benefits hybrid homes have to offer.

• Save money
man stacks coinsHybrid homes have very low running costs and require less energy to run, therefore they are cheaper to maintain. Your energy bills will fall which means you will save money on your heating, water, and electricity rates.

What is more, there is little maintenance required. Who doesn’t want to save their hard-earned pennies?

carbon footprint• Sustainable
As aforementioned, hybrid homes are eco-friendly and healthier to live in. How? Well the house generates its own power, rainwater is collected and recycled, and it features non-toxic building materials. They have less impact on the atmosphere, which is fantastic for ‘green-minded’ enthusiasts.

So not only can you save money by producing less energy, but you can also do your bit for the environment and cut your carbon footprint. They only use natural renewable resources, so they are truly economical.

• Stylish alternative
Many people want to build their own home but they want to retain the stylish setting that many newly constructed buildings have. One of the great aspects about hybrid homes is that that offer a trendy alternative.

They can be built in a matter of weeks in contrast to a typical build, and they can be easily installed on less accessible areas. What is more, they are great all year-round as they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer due to their heat transfer properties.

• You decide
design notesHave you ever moved into a property and thought to yourself; ‘I wish that the fireplace was on that wall’, or ‘an archway would look gorgeous in between those two rooms?’ Hybrid homes give you the choice of interior layout and design, so you can build the home EXACTLY how you want. We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to wall colours or décor styles however, how often do we get to have a say in the room layout and sizes? What renewable source do you want to invest in and use? You have the power.

So there you have it; four amazing reasons why you should consider a hybrid home. Are you considering building one in 2013, or have you have started the process? We’d love to hear from you!

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This article was written by Lauren Grice on behalf of Flat Pack Houses, the go-to-experts for self-build projects. If you are considering building your own home and you want to know how much hybrid homes and flat pack houses cost, visit the site today.