valetine's heart in the sand

As always, we subscribe to the less is more approach to life – especially when it comes to the expensive, contrived marketing celebration that is Valentine’s Day.

We all know we can remind that special someone of our love anytime, any day of the year. Bake a cake, prepare a special dinner, throw together your favorite playlist … or for those who want to go beyond the DIY ways to shower affection, here are some fun ways that support conscious consuming without causing harm to body, planet or soul. Keep your V-Day eco-friendly.


(above) Sustainability is truly heartfelt at In Bloom. Everything is skillfully ecofashioned in the north of France by a family of corsetry experts. As founder Emily Huc tells, “We like to think of In Bloom as a restorative brand – good for the planet, good for the people crafting the garments, and good for the skin and soul of the person wearing them.” What’s not to love?  Pick up her comfy, eco chic underpinnings @


(above) Certified organic, vegan and a friend to mother earth, Antho makes a scrumptious Chocolate Body Scrub and Lavender Citrus Body Oil … slather, soak and slather some more. Relax from head to toe. $19.95 and $15.95 respectively



(above) Rock his or her world with a customized fashion statement ... Gone Hiking ($45) and I’ll Love You Forever ($60) via New Jersey-based, newhopebeading shop on Etsy.


(above) Give her a little hug and kiss with these sweet body adornments of the recycled 14 karat gold kind … XO Studs from Kris Nations. Lovingly made in the USA; ($35) @



(above) If you take a quick peek, you’ll probably fall for the most adorable handmade items by Etsy shop, Evelyn Fields. Above: organic cotton peter pan collar dress ($44); cotton bloomers – available in a variety of sizes and fabrics ($17.99).


(above) Be his sun, moon and stars … in 18 karat recycled gold, turn this Eclipse ring on your finger and 4 different scenes are revealed; 2 panels are set in stone and 2 panels can be customized by you; ($1900) @


(above) Sniffed out by our very own, Seamus the Famous Eco-friendly Dog … your fabulous pet will practically be in heat for these special biscuits … wheat-free and made in the USA – Green Remedy by Bocce’s Bakery are hand cut and oven baked in small batches in NYC. Ingredients are all organic (oat flour, spinach, kale, apples, spirulina, flax seeds, mint) and human-grade … all locally sourced from regions in New York. ($15.50 per tin) @

Keep spreading the eco love, and have yourself a light-hearted, ever-lovin’ valentine’s day.

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