For socially responsible, conscious consumers (everyone, right?): In our limelight today – ECO MARKET – an online site offering a wide array of items for you, your family and your home. The site is sort of an ‘eco-Etsy’ – it offers product categories ranging from Baby and Pet products to Appliances, Fashion, Food, Drink, Heath & Beauty, Home Improvements, Home Decor, Office Supplies, Camping, Gardening, Sporting Goods and Fitness – presented by a variety of indie shopkeepers.



The UK-based site features vendors whose goods are earth-friendly, body-friendly and, depending on where they are sourced, even Fair Trade made. Thousands of products – from quirky to practical – are represented and most seem sensibly priced. What’s cool is there’s a snapshot of each “stall owner” alongside the description of each item featured. Whether buying a gift, or laundry detergent – it’s definitely worth a look-see…And hey, if you’re selling green goods, it’s a great place to feature your line; visit for details .

Featured above:

  • Lovers Lights – handmade 2-tier table lamp made from recycled glass (£225.00 GBP) @
  • Here and Far – A sweet windchime whose three heart shapes are fashioned from recycled iron and trimmed with mini-cowbells … handmade and fair trade made in India. (£6.99 GBP) @
  • Seedboms – eco-friendly ‘bombs’ that contain all the necessary nutrients to grow flowers virtually anywhere. (£9.55) @