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Sport+Store water bottle – a green product review


Exercise, stay hydrated and stash those little valuables … Here’s a nifty BPA-free, food grade stainless steel reusable water bottle that’s perfect for the exercise enthusiast: the lightweight Sport+Store 20-ounce water bottle is designed to keep your thirst quenched + stash your little vitals. The twist off bottom compartment holds keys, credit card, id, cash, lip balm, tissues and other small essentials while you pursue your fab fitness routine wherever – at the gym, yoga studio, track, beach or park.


I’ve been testing this sporty vessel in a variety of settings — on the golf course, kayaking, hiking, biking and goofing around at the beach. Aside from the fact that you can drink your tap or filtered water without buying a costly disposable plastic bottle (which can leach toxins into the water; take 1,000 years to decompose, and add up to a few hundred bucks a year) – what I like most is its multi-functionality and sleek ergonomic design.

It’s super light and feels good in your hand. The top cap twists nice and tight, there are no pesky leaks to worry about. The bottom is weighted and the carabiner link makes it easy to carry.

I have to say, it’s very cool to stash my keys, lip balm, driver’s license, cash or credit card in this water bottle when I’m out and about. (Of course, the more you put in there, the heavier it gets.)  The bottom compartment not only serves to store stuff but could also be used as an on the go drinking cup. Taking a mini journey that doesn’t require the extra storage? Simply twist off the bottom and leave it at home. You know how it is, it’s neat to have options.

The Sport+Store comes in an array of colors, including: black, white, chrome, twilight, coral or leaf … of course, there’s no BPA, lead or aluminum in sight. Pick-up @ $19.95. Stay hydrated, my friends.

full disclosure: We received a complimentary Sport+Store Water Bottle in Leaf (photo above) for the purposes of this Tried and True Green Product Review. No strings attached. Thanks, we love it!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Green Mold Removal

The following guest post was contributed by Carl Bennett, Vice President of Above & Beyond Unlimited Cleaning – a New Jersey company specializing in providing a full range of mold and water damage restoration services, including environmentally friendly dry ice blasting.

green houseYou’ve just found out that you have mold in your home and you need to get rid of it. Don’t be afraid. Mold is very common, and only the dreaded ‘black mold’ poses an immediate danger to your health. However, leaving mold unchecked and allowing it to continue to breed and grow can cause serious health-related issues in the long term. But, you don’t want to use dangerous and toxic chemicals – that seems counter-intuitive to your new and improved, healthy lifestyle. Plus – it’s bad for the environment. You want clean air to breathe – without mold.

So where do you look? There are actually many ‘green’ ways to clean up mold – a few are listed below. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Household Mold Cleaners
Baking soda and vinegar are two remedies used to rid your home of mold that you might find that you already have in your kitchen. How’s that for easy and gentle on the environment? (more…)

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