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abe lincoln coffee table in reclaimed wood

abe lincoln coffee table

The Oscars are on Sunday and one of the films up for a gazillion awards happens to be Lincoln. This coffee table (pictured above + below) is the perfect complement to any ‘Abe’-obsessed history fan or Spielberg Stalker’s den. The rustic coffee table is emblazoned with a nicely distressed image of Abe and constructed of reclaimed pallet wood by RustedCreek.

reclaimed wood abe lincoln coffee table

What does this chunk of handmade history cost? $160 … By the way, I’m rooting for Life of Pi for Best Picture.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

green building: split box beach house

split box passive residence

New Zealand’s Mellon-Morse Architects designed their ‘Split Box’ residence to take full advantage of its Kennedy Bay location, spectacular cliffside views and full-on sunny exposures.

split box low impact residence

The home is made of renewable, low impact materials and uses its vast glass expanses to passively heat its big cement slab during the day to provide heat at night. Smaller windows at the top and bottom of the home’s window array allow for venting and passive airflow when things heat-up.

split box residence ocean view

split box resid. interiorThe house is a split design – both top and bottom and horizontally – with living and dining downstairs and sleeping and bathing upstairs. The design also allows for rainwater capture which is a necessity in the remote seaside location. The center split channels rainwater into an underground storage container.

The home’s wooden facade and structure feature locally harvested macrocarpa which, on the exterior, has been allowed to naturally weather. Interior finishes are natural oil.

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