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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BookWorm Gone Green: E-Readers vs. Paper Books

Soooooo… I’m a crazy book lady. My library has been growing since I was a child, and it forms a haphazard mess all over my apartment. I have books in boxes, books on shelves, books on the floor, and books, at the moment, in my bed – thousands and thousands of pages of tales and information. But I never really stopped to take the time and think about the sustainability shutterstock_34267294.jpgof my penchant for gobbling up printed books. When this came to my attention, I did a little research about the sustainability of paper books vs. electronic readers, so all my fellow bookworms and I can make good choices about going green.

At present, e-books account for about 20% of all purchased books, but it is estimated that within ten years that percentage could increase to 60%. This increase in the popularity of electronic books has accompanied an increase in the purchase of electronic readers (Kindle, iPad, etc.) and a decline in the printing and publishing industries over the last five years. At first glance this seems like a (more…)

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