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slippers made of renewable materials


(above: Ladies Slipper)

With blustery storms still brewing across the country, anyone out there with cold feet? Slip into a pair of cute and comfy, handmade felted wool slippers. All fabric is sourced from naturally renewable resources.

The upper fabric is natural brown felt (made from undyed wool), and the soles can be customized to suit your preferences. Choose from either an array of seven rubber sole options, or try a cork sole. The waterproof and non-slip soles are suitable for outdoors as well (you know, when you step outside to pick up your morning paper in the driveway).

Not inexpensive, but hey, they’re custom built by hand, nice and lightweight, and made to last. Made to order … ladies style ($94) @ WoolWalkerShop on Etsy. Men’s style ($139) @ woolwalkershop.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

kickstarter eco find: huckstraps belts

huckstrap belt

Today’s Kickstarter Eco Find is a little company — and product — called Huckstraps. HuckStraps are a sustainable, vegan, and contemporary alternative to the ubiquitous leather belt. The term ‘Huck’ is a term used in extreme sports to refer to a large jump, often undertaken without knowledge or regard for the risk or consequences. (more…)

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