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eco art: reclaimed barnwood wall sculpture

reclaimed wood wall art

Created entirely from reclaimed barn-wood, this wall art retains all the raw wood’s natural organic character — it remains chemical, stain and paint-free.

reclaimed wood wall art

Each handmade sculpture is unique, made-to-order, and OOAK. Measures 48″ x 24″ $350 @ thezenartist

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Notable Benefits of Electronics Recycling


Electronics recycling is a safe and smart endeavour that has become a burgeoning practice in the US and many parts of the world. Nowadays many electronic shops have specific areas where consumers can bring their worn out electronic devices such as laptop computers, mobile phones, multimedia players and game consoles, among others.

Recycling these devices and gadgets is critical because a vast majority of the materials used in their manufacture are toxic and harmful to the environment. Substances such as: lead, mercury, cadmium, should not be tossed into ordinary landfills. Here are a few other reasons why electronics recycling is an important undertaking:

  • Proper Re-Use Renewable Resources
    Many raw materials – steel, glass, plastics, as well as other components can be utilized to assemble new gadgets. In the long run, electronic recycling can help conserve scarce substances as well as natural resources.
  • De-clutter the House
    Idle electronic devices can lead to a cluttered mess that many do not want to deal with. By opting to recycle, you’ll receive the benefits of more focused thinking, good karma as well a more organized home. Of course, when properly recycled, the environment will not suffer from the effects of the toxic materials contained in these electronic devices.
  • Support the Community
    Last but not the least, electronics recycling can help support the community by helping individuals who cannot afford to purchase their own mobile phones, computers, and other electronic gadgets. Many non-profit groups that aim to support individuals who are economically challenged can be found in a vast majority of communities across the US and finding the right one is easy.

shutterstock_26254696.jpgWhen it’s time to retire old and worn out gadgets, bear in mind that electronics recycling should be done only in specialized plants that contain the right equipment. Toxic materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium need to be contained and (re)processed in a restricted environment. When they are improperly disposed, they may cause serious devastation, especially if they make it into the water supply. Remember never dispose electronic materials in your everyday trash and garbage dumps. It may take an extra step or two, but properly recycling these materials is the responsible thing to do.

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