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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Icebreaker – a green dress review


Personally, I’ve always found it especially difficult to remain a conscious and responsible consumer when it comes to purchasing clothing. Yeah, those jeans look great but… what’s going on in those far-off factories? Thankfully, I’ve found a little sheep I can count on. Icebreaker is a brand dedicated to sustainably-produced wool clothing for an on-the-go lifestyle.


company background – It all began in 1994 after Jeremy Moon had a rendezvous with a merino sheep farmer from New Zealand. In the year’s since the brand has grown and evolved into an excellent model of an eco-conscious enterprise. I recently was given the opportunity to review firsthand the Icebreaker Villa dress, though at first I didn’t know what I had signed up for: (more…)

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Friday, March 29, 2013

eco-fashion finds – springtime fresh


(above) Looking very cool and casual, crush on these extra long leggings in beige organic cotton jersey. Individually made, the lime green animal graphic is a hand dyed screen print and the leg is finished with a raw edge. Fabric contains 8% elastane for stretch. $45 @ ZIBTextile on etsy.


(above) Deliciously demure … feel comfy and luxurious in this blue grey Babydoll & Boxer Set handmade of 60% soy and 40% organic cotton. $39 @ luvahuva in the UK.


(above) Crafted by hand and inspired by sand’s tones, the I Miss the Sand bracelet is made of crochet embroidery, beads, found materials and ribbon $30 @ stellacreations whose home base is in Greece.


(above) With Easter Sunday around the corner, I just couldn’t resist resurrecting this kitschy one of a kind kid’s bunny coat. Lovingly handmade in Texas using fine wool … better hop to it, there’s only one left as of this writing @ Littlegoodall shop $149 (blue/camel combo only).


(above) Looking for a versatile, on-trend carryall? Durable yet lightweight and made by hand in NYC, try a modern twist on the classic Bucket Tote, Hobo Tote. The exterior is made of 100% natural linen/jute fabric, lining is durable cotton, vegetable tanned leather straps. Features 5 slip pockets and one interior zip pocket. $138 @ Independent Reign.

In this season of hope, renewal and promise, here’s wishing you a beautiful spring weekend. Remember to love what you have, and pass along perfectly reusable goods. Support all that you care about.

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Palm Beach Free Ride – a free electric shuttle


The hub and I were taking a sunset stroll along what I call the boulevard of dreams in Palm Beach the other day when we met James and Alex, co-founders of PB Free Ride, a new, sustainability-driven local transport service. PB Free Ride offers those visiting downtown West Palm Beach a lift (and back) to the more sun-soaked serenity of Palm Beach … after you’re done exploring Clematis and City Place, just grab your towel and sunscreen, and hitch a free ride in an electric-powered shuttle to the sand & surf – sans emissions.


No worries about where to park. Or having to pay for parking – which will save you about five bucks an hour at a meter in Palm Beach, where traffic enforcement personnel can be hyperactive. Cutting down on traffic and pollution, it’s good to see this electrically-charged, easy, breezy free service now activated between West Palm and the pretty shores of Palm Beach.

If the name sounds familiar, they are the same enterprising beach bound buds who run Hamptons Free Ride, a free electric-vehicle seasonal shuttle service for beach-goers in Montauk and the Hamptons, Long Island. The Palm Beach shuttle will run during “the season” (winter, primarily) and the NY service kicks in during the summer-fall months.


How do they do it? PB Free Ride makes money by placing ads on their electric vehicles. The service is so new, the PB Free Ride website is under construction as of this writing (though we have seen it shuttling around town). more info @

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going Green with Industrial Cleaning

Industrial facilities are cleaned on a daily basis. From food production to manufacturing, the premises in which these items are produced soon become dirty and require specialist cleaning products in order to maintain hygiene and safety standards. As a result, a lot of chemicals are used every day to uphold the cleanliness of industrial facilities. These chemicals can sometimes be toxic and harmful to the surrounding environment.

Industrial CleaningCompanies have a responsibility to work in an environmentally friendly manner. Good corporate social responsibility is carried out when companies play an active role in ensuring their activities encourage a positive impact on the environment. With a growing number of companies aware that their customers care about the environment and their carbon footprint, more and more businesses are actively looking for greener industrial cleaning products.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are often made from natural ingredients that are not harmful if they get in to the water supply and are not hazardous as many chemical cleaners can be. Some businesses worry that if they switch to eco-friendly cleaning products, their cleaning quality will be reduced. However, there are green cleaners that exhibit these environmentally friendly characteristics without compromising on quality or effectiveness. So if you were looking to go green with your industrial and even home cleaning products, what should you be looking for?

Bio-Degradable Cleaners – A good green industrial cleaning product needs to be bio-degradable. This means it can be consumed by microorganisms in the environment and be broken down over a reasonable amount of time. This ensures the local environment will not be littered with products that taint the earth for years to come.

Non Toxic Cleaners – Toxic chemicals can affect humans, plants and animals if they come into contact with it. Non toxic cleaners are safe if ingested accidentally. If your waste cleaning water is put into the environment, it won’t harm the local wildlife. Additionally, the staff using the cleaning products will not be at risk if they come into contact with them on a regular basis.

pH Neutral Cleaners – Some industrial cleaning products are highly alkaline. When they are disposed of, they can affect the pH of the water in the environment. A change in the pH of water can change how other chemicals present behave as well as affect plants and animals. The pH of water is very close to 7 otherwise known as pH neutral. By choosing products that are pH neutral, you can reduce your impact on the environment.

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a mixed bag of green news

circling ocean fish underwater

circling underwater fish photo via

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