nudie jeans 2013

World Water Day has inspired us to feature water-friendly and water-related fashion discoveries and Sweden’s trendsetting jean maker, Nudie Jeans fits the bill. (photo above) Nudie makes all their jeans from water-conserving organic cotton, and advocates rarely washing your jeans to create the aged denim look to which everyone aspires.


(above) H&M‘s Spring 2013 Conscious Collection will be available online and in 100 stores worldwide on April 12.

This year H&M will donate 3.2 million garments to charity; save over 450,000,000 liters of water in their denim production; and they are the number one user of organic cotton worldwide. The Collection is priced very reasonable, too. find @


(photos above) Need a new swimsuit? Check out Eco Swim suit by Aqua Green. Manufactured right here in the USA, this blue- and green-minded company is a member of the Oceanic Society, a partner with United by Blue, and they utilize Repreve fabrics which are made of 100% recycled materials.

nau organic cotton top

Nau is another company with a laser focus on sustainability – the company utilizes organic cotton (above) and recycled polyester in many items in their high performance urban / outdoor apparel lines.

Feel good knowing you’re supporting people and companies who care as much about you and the environment as they do about fashion and style.

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