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I recently tried two new organic skin care products from Sevani Botanica, putting them to a three-week test … and I’m glad I did. Happy face, happy girl. And I’m not just being cutesy here, Sevani is an exciting sustainable beauty brand that’s unique, safe and effective.

Sevani CleanserSevaniEye.png

(above, L to R)

  • Ageless Radiance, Refining AHA Cleanser is a mix of safe fruit actives, vitamins and anti-inflammatory agents designed to gently wipe away impurities. My delicate skin loves the creamy texture. And I love the mild, soothing scent. To apply, you can either smooth onto your face using circular motions for about 60 seconds, or use as a mask and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then simply rinse with lukewarm water. I like to apply it on my face and leave it on for a few minutes as I wash hair in the shower. That extended play gives skin a chance to become really refreshed. A Sevani secret: apply to damp skin for fast, penetrating action:)
  • After drying off, I dab on a couple of drops of Ageless Eyes, Revitalizing Eye Serum, designed especially for the eye and lip area. Skin is so fragile around the eye, be sure to apply only very light pressure here. I use about two drops at a time: one around the eyes, and one for around the lips. It’s oil-rich, filled with plant-based goodness. I like to gently massage the areas after dabbing it on. You’ll catch a feint scent of primrose, one of its key ingredients. Skin’s looking perked up, and feels nice and smooth after soaking up all this natural nourishment. Dispensed via an eye-dropper top, it’s easy to control the amount you’ll want to use.

Sevani is a pure, botanically derived beauty brand created without the use of those dreaded nasties and chemical preservatives … we gladly give founder and Licensed Holistic Aesthetician Sheryl Gibbs our green thumbs up … with bonus points for eco-friendly packaging and a line that’s also vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

As you know, we don’t sell products on our site, we simply test and feature new green and sustainable products and services. If you’d like to know more or make a purchase, click on The Ageless Radiance, Refining AHA Cleanser retails for $39; the Ageless Eyes, Revitalizing Eye Serum, $54.

full disclosure: I received these two complimentary products from Sevani for the purposes of this honest to goodness Tried and True Green Product Review.