Does your eco mojo need a lift? Suffering from climate change fatigue? Need a burst of energy, a way to channel your creativity and get energized?

Bill McKibben’s new doc, Do the Math kicks off Friday April 21 at 7pm ET/PT. The film features footage of’s wildly successful tour across the country last fall. A fast-paced highlights reel, get inspired by top environmentalists-turned-activists and today’s leading thinkers – and feel the power of the growing climate movement.

Sneak a quick peek at the trailer at If you’re not already convinced that Keystone XL should be stopped, or why we need to develop alternatives to fossil fuels – these 42 minutes may add up to your tipping point.

Spearheaded by environmentalist turned activist, Bill McKibben and his, tune in to screenings and house parties on “Earth Night”.  The only way to make change happen is if we make it happen. Throw a screening party and kick around some fresh ideas.