green grass

If you’re someone who is dedicated to saving the environment and living a greener lifestyle, you know how bad having a lawn is for the planet. You’d just as soon rip it up and use the space for container gardening. Unfortunately, the Homeowner’s Association requires you to keep a lawn—and to keep it to very strict specifications. So how do you reconcile your need to be as green as possible while keeping your lawn lush and pretty?

Hire an Eco-Friendly Landscaper
Hiring a green landscaping and yard care company is a great way to get your lawn taken care of without your having to do the work yourself. You can use sites like to help you find local lawncare services.

But what if you can’t afford to hire someone or simply prefer to do the work yourself?

Push Mowers
A lawnmower that requires gas is no friend to the environment. A manual push mower (yep, like the kind they used to use in the 50s) is a great way to clip the glass without sending a bunch of fumes into the air. Plus, it’s a pretty great workout (which reduces your need to drive to the gym).

Rain Collection
If you have a strict Homeowner’s Association you might have to get creative with your rain barrel placement. You might have to set it up in your backyard instead of alongside your house. Still, collecting rainwater (especially if you rig the collector to your gutters) is a great way to reduce the amount of water you need to run to water your lawn. Rainwater can be used for lawn watering, garden watering and even things like car washing.

Instead of spending lots of money on expensive and chemicalized fertilizers, use compost instead. Set up a compost bin (or pile) in a corner of your yard (contain it so that it looks pretty and your HOA doesn’t get mad) and then use the compost to enrich the soil in your yard and garden. Composting is fantastic for the environment and saves you a ton of money.

Rake, Don’t Blow
Leaf blowers are a blight on any neighborhood. They are loud and they use a lot of gas and shove pollutants out into the air. Why spend a ton of money on something everybody is going to hate when you can buy a rake relatively cheaply and do the work yourself? Sure it takes more work but it’s much better for the environment and your neighbors won’t hate you for it. Plus, you can compost the leaves!

These are just four of the things that you can do to “green up” your lawn care. Taking care of a lawn and a yard is a lot of work but if you use these tips, at least you’ll know you’re still protecting the planet while you do it!