eco house

If your bedroom is currently looking a bit stale and dreary, leaving you feeling flat and uninspired, it’s time to banish those bedroom blues and go eco with an economically upcycled room makeover! It’s a fantastic opportunity to let your imagination run wild and easily add some vitality and natural character to your sleeping environment, whilst helping you do your bit for the environment. Read on for a few ideas to get you started re-crafting your exciting, eco and purse-friendly bedroom:

Vintage advantage:
Just think of how much valuable Rainforest is lost every day due to trees being chopped down for new furniture (240 square miles!). So re-use any old furniture you own for the bedroom before you head to the shops. A quick coat of non-toxic paint or wood oils, and it’ll be as good as new!

Material world:
Spring has sprung and we can finally banish those bulky jumpers for another year. If you have any you no longer like, chop off the sleeves and separate the front and backs. Stitch several square pieces together to create a snug patchwork floor rug, which can help warm up your room and toes.

Blooming marvelous:
A fresh bunch of flowers will not only make a bedroom look nice, but smell nice too. Put old glass bottles and jars to good use, instead of chucking them out, to contain your fancy floral arrangements. Old waste paper bins also make good flower holders, as long as they’re water tight!

Beddy buys:
However, some things can be beyond salvaging, so if your mattress has lost its’ spring, and is sagging and uncomfortable, it’s time to invest in a new eco bed. Mattress Online provides a wide range of brand new mattresses, with several made from organic cotton and wool. Natural mattress materials last much longer than processed, synthetic mattresses, without the need for harmful chemicals in their production. With Mattress Online offering up to 70% off usual prices, you can save money whilst still being eco in your mattress style choice.

Don’t worry about how to get rid of your old mattress. Instead of sending it to landfill, consider getting it recycled, or donating it to worthy causes, such as Homeless shelters or pet charities. It can continue to be used, even though it no longer has any benefit for you. So you can feel good whilst helping others and the planet, whilst ensuring you always get a good night’s sleep!