reclaimed douglas fir bed

Woodworking craftsman Dave McDonald creates his rustic-modern beds and headboards from a variety of reclaimed and salvaged woods, including – Douglas Fir, hemlock, and walnut. The beds and headboards pictured above and below are from his PacificDrift series – created to evoke the weather-beaten, sea-worn and burned pieces of natural driftwood and building debris washed-up along Dave’s local Oregon coastline.

reclaimed walnut headboard

The sustainably-harvested wood is drilled, ground, sanded, burned, and finally clear-coated to achieve the final exotic-looking result. Many of the nail, screw and drill holes from the woods’ original life remain part of the design to enhance the worn, weathered texture – aggressively shaped to take advantage of the wood’s natural sculptural qualities and inherent old-growth character.

reclaimed wood platformbed

The beds are usually constructed with all of the wood elements attached to a steel frame for a solid foundation and can be custom finished dark or light.

reclaimedbhemlock and douglas fir bed

The burning and drilling process creates bed components that have a very unique visual appeal – bordering on works of art.  You can see more of Dave’s great woodworking creations at his ModernDrift shop.