iStock_000004851573XSmall_1_1_1.jpgIf you live in the capital and you would like to be a little bit greener then there are a number of things that you can do. Some measures are simple and cheap while others cost a little bit more and will take a bit more effort. However, this is important stuff and it is worth doing if we do want to make a difference to our ailing ecology.

1) Fit your home with solar panels
Solar panels are not cheap but they do pay for themselves in time, so they are worth investing in if you plan to keep your home for a number of years. Alternatively your home will be more valuable when you sell it if you have fitted solar panels, so it is well worth doing.

2) Recycle
This is no new measure and Londoners generally do recycle. But too many people shun this environmental duty so if you could improve your recycling record it is a great way to be greener. You can also upcycle used goods too and make craft pieces or interesting furniture for your home.

3) Buy low energy light bulbs
All hardware shops now sell low energy light bulbs, which are beneficial for the environment. They cost more than traditional bulbs but they last much longer so they are worth the extra.

4) Turn things off
One simple and free way to save money and be green is to switch things off when you are not using them. This means electrical items such as TVs and DVD players, plus other devices that are plugged in. Turning off the central heating in rooms where it is not being used is another good way to be green and save some of the green stuff in your wallet.

5) Make sure you have an energy efficient boiler
A lot of older boilers are not energy efficient and this means that they are coughing up more fumes than necessary, costing you more in bills and damaging the environment.

6) Install double glazed windows
Double glazing helps keep your London home warm and this means you pay out less for heating. This also means you use less energy which in turn reduces your carbon footprint. Everyone’s a winner.

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