ridebro barefoot canvas shoe

(above) What could be more “indie fashion” than a surfer-inspired barefoot canvas shoe created by a surfer dude from Boca Raton raising cash via a sexy Kickstarter campaign? Answer – not much. Ridebro has created a shoe that’s vegan, ultra-light, made with organic canvas, unisex and designed with a very trendy barefoot construction. That’s a lot of inherent ‘indieness’. Check out Ridebro’s Kickstarter campaign to get in on the action.

ooak art dress

(above) Simply awash in indieness… and something very different – an ooak art dress. The reversible dress features an abstract multicolor painting with the inscription “get me out here”. Made in France this funky handmade frock is created via wet felting technique from: renewable merino wool, silk, fabric, felt, organza and cotton. Created by the French fashion designer Ariane Mariane.

hemp babydoll

(above) Sleeping in style – handmade in London – this organic cotton and soy babydoll nightie with matching panties will tap into your indie tendencies and run you $69 @ Luva Huva. (Made to order, and available in a few colorways.)

upcycled aluminum pull-tab necklace

(above) Here’s a variation on the now traditional aluminum pull tab necklace – this beautiful statement necklace is part of the La Prisa Mata Recycle Barcelona Aztec Collection.

The entire necklace is handcrafted from recycled aluminum can ring-pulls, woven with soft satin ribbon and finished with a fob closure. Indie indeed! $42.33 by La Prisa Mata Recycle Barcelona – who specializes in such things.

Hope you had a great Fourth, and enjoy your fifth. Go outside and play.