garden pond

Ponds are a great way to liven up your garden. Not only do they look great, but they provide much in the way of interesting activities as well – especially if you either stock your pond with cute fish or accessorize it with fun features.

For the eco-friendly among us, however, ponds also serve another important function. As well as enhancing the look of your garden, they can also help your garden flourish by serving as a valuable resource for both flora and fauna alike. A well-balanced pond will result in a well-balanced garden.

Planning Your Pond
Before you install your pond, you should first check to make sure that the size of the pond is the right choice for you – if your pond is too big, or your garden too small, it will simply overpower its environment. Make sure your pond is in keeping by drawing up designs before you begin.

Installing Your Pond
Installing a pond isn’t just about digging a hole and filling it with water. You will need an environmentally friendly pond liner (steer clear of plastics) and the right equipment and features to make sure your pond harmonizes with its surroundings. Reduce the impact of installing a pond by balancing it with surrounding plant life.

Keeping Your Pond Clean
Using a pond pump is a great way to keep your pond clean. For the truly environmentally aware, solar panels can be installed to power your pond pump. But if solar panels are out of your budget, there’s a plethora of pumps available from quality supplier which will perfectly complement any eco-friendly pond.

Some pond owners choose to take their eco-friendly activities one step further, by investing in sustainable solutions to keep their pond clean. Certain types of algae and bacteria will consume excess nutrients, remove unwanted sludge and odors, and will clarify your pond water, making it safe for fish and animals. Using algae and bacteria in this way will significantly reduce your need for harmful chemicals.

Responsible Pond Ownership
Once you’ve installed your pond, it’s up to you to maintain it. A pond which isn’t looked after will quickly turn into a hazard for your garden and can prove dangerous for animals, birds, insects and any fish you decide to stock. Poorly maintained ponds can also be dangerous for humans, as they’re breeding grounds for bad bacteria. Being eco-friendly doesn’t just mean looking after the landscape – it also means looking after your own well being. So be a responsible pond owner, and keep your pond in good health.