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Transportation is a part of our day to day lives. We all need a way to commute. From going to school to driving to work to visiting the supermarket for grocery shopping, commutes are a necessary evil if you want to live comfortably. However, your transportation can still be green. It should be as well, since commutes are the strongest source of greenhouse gases that lead to climate changes. Let’s find out how we can green our commutes:

1: Try to Fly Less
There’s no doubt about the fact that flying is one of the most serious actions people take when it comes to going green as it contributes large amounts of greenhouse gases to the overall “climate change” problem. However, there are times when flying cannot be avoided. If you need to fly overseas to attend your cousin’s wedding, then make sure you buy a carbon offset so that the impact on environment is reduced. If you want to go green then reducing your flying activity is important.

2: Walk/Bike More
We are so used to using vehicles that it seems difficult to break away from the habit. However, with a bit of practice and consistent effort, it can be done. You can opt for walking or biking, both being healthy and green choices. It will not only help you contribute to the environment but will also save you money. It’s a natural way to embrace green transportation.

3: Let Go of Your Second Vehicle
If you look back, it was uncommon to have more than one vehicle in an household. But things have changed now. You find people owning two or more vehicles one one household. However, besides green driving, letting go of your second vehicle is something you can do to act in a more eco-friendly manner. If you simply combine all the costs that come with owning and running a vehicle (such as the cost of maintaining, insuring and purchasing fuel for it) you spend thousands of dollars each year. By giving up your second vehicle you will be saving money that can be used for bringing down carbon footprint and going green.

4: Use Public Transit
It’s a known fact that owning and operating a vehicle of your own costs a lot of money every year when compared to what you may spend on public transit. The public transit bus rental business has really changed in the past few years; you will find many initiatives to go green in this sector and some companies are taking advantage of that. This means that if more and more people opt for city buses instead of using their own vehicle it can make a huge difference by keeping tons and tons of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. So try to use public transit whenever you can, especially the more eco-friendly variants.

5: Carpool
Carpooling can prove to be a highly efficient way to bring down pollution, save dollars and contribute to the environment at the same time. While it is a challenge to find a colleague or someone that you can commute with, without ignoring safety. There are carpooling websites your company can participate in to help you with finding someone to carry out your commuting. When you carpool, you not only bring down your commuting cost by up to 50 percent but also help in preventing carbon dioxide from cause any climate changes.