lifefactory reusable glass bottles

Full disclosure: we were provided a 22 oz. Lifefactory bottle for testing and review purposes.

Designer Darren Joy had a vision – create a modern, safe and functional array of reusable drinking bottles for the entire family. The result of his and co-founder Pam Marcus’s efforts is the Lifefactory line of reusable, glass drinking bottles. We tested the 22 oz bottle from the company’s new ‘Straw Cap Collection’.

On initial inspection we found the bottle to be great-looking, substantial (it has some heft to it) and well-protected by its colorful silicon bottle sleeve. The fact that the bottle is made from glass has many benefits: unlike many plastic reusable bottles, its 100% BPA-free, dishwasher safe and fully recyclable. Unlike similar plastic and stainless steel bottles, glass doesn’t add any unpleasant aftertaste.

glass reusable drinking bottle

We took the bottle on a few adventures – tennis in 90 degree heat, the sandy environment of the beach, yoga class, as well as walking downtown and driving in the car for a week. We found that the straw cap worked very well – with one minor exception – be advised not to put carbonated water or seltzer in this baby, it will erupt like Mount Vesuvius when you pop-up the straw! The glass bottle seems to keep liquids cooler than stainless steel and significantly cooler than plastic. The bottle features a nifty little handle on top that you’ll actually use. The only minor downside is the weight of the bottle when filled to its full 22 oz capacity.

Lifefactory makes a full line of bottles (including baby-safe models) with a variety of caps for drinkers of all ages. The bottle’s components are of the highest quality and are manufactured in both the US and Europe – not China.

The bottle we tested goes for $26.99 and should last a lifetime under proper care (don’t drop a glass bottle off a cliff or rooftop). You can find these sustainable bottles @

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