Handmade is the way to go. Buying something handcrafted by an individual designer or artisan is great way to keep our culture (and the global culture) alive and vibrant. Stay out of the big box stores and hit your little, local shops, green markets and crafts fairs to keep you in style… and frequent online venues like cargoh.com, etsy.com and supermarkethq.com for indie designer finds.

pine cone necklace

Wear a little reminder of the forest – this pine cone necklace was created from a mold of an actual pine cone pod. Handmade in sterling silver. $34 from cyklu

upcycled handmade leather bag

This Monty shoulder bag is handcrafted primarily from upcycled and reclaimed materials – used coffee bean bags, discarded stockings and upcycled leather.

$100 @ Basmati Bags

handmade clay bead necklace

This lovely 11 bead necklace (above) is an earthy combo of handcrafted round clay beads and wooden disks (from sustainably harvested trees of course) in lemon yellow, pale yellow and grey tones.

The clay beads have been hand blended and hand rolled from air dried Australian clay and sealed with a non-toxic matte varnish. The disk-shaped wooden beads have been sourced from a sustainable forestry initiative, and all strung on a 61cm silver plated chain. Made to order in a variety of color combinations. $42 from Ellie James and a space made beautiful

hemp art shawl

Tired of wearing a boring jacket over your jeans, leggings or dress. How about a stylish hemp shawl? This shawl comes replete with a dragon fly brooch and features a slice of handmade art. Can be worn open or done up with the dragon fly brooch. Open sides but sewn under the arms to create arm holes so it will stay put.

It’s the designer’s mission to use eco-friendly fabrics and create wearable art from her drawings and paintings. The cape features an original “The Grounded Herat – Emerald Water” image on cotton voile fabric created by printing an oil painting. No two capes are exactly alike.

Hemp Denim Body = 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton — Accent Art Fabric = 100% Cotton Voile   $110.95 from heidi the artist

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