micro smartphone lens

Here’s something a little different. Young inventor Thomas Larson has created a micro lens that readily transforms almost any cell phone or tablet into a macro-close-up microscope. You can take photos or videos of objects at up to 60x magnification with the phone’s built-in zoom. Larson is funding the manufacture of the lens via a Kickstarter project and has already reached his funding goal.

micro phone lens.

The tiny removable lens has a base magnification of 5x and affixes to the phone with a simple stick-on adhesive. The simple device is said to be durable and has no moving parts. The lens is made in-house by Larson using patent-pending platinum catalyzed silicone technology (sounds fancy).

cell phone micro lens

For as  little as a $15 donation you can get your own little lens and carrying case. Larson hopes to inspire the next generation of American scientists (we rank near the bottom of developed nations for science education). I presume most kids will use the lens to take gross-out photos of their friend’s pimples – or some other pointless subject matter that will get them on Tosh.o – but perhaps there’s the next Louis Pasteur out there… we can only hope.

micro phonelens