Think before you buy. Your personal buying decisions should not only be based on how something looks, but also always factor-in whether the company you’re gracing with your precious cash is doing good for people and/or the environment. Here are some personal fashion faves that reflect both style and more…

animal rights t-shirt

(above) This t-shirt is for you animal lovers (aren’t we all?). It’s created from a re-purposed new t-shirt that has been transformed into a sexy off-the-shoulder style tee – making an anti-animal testing fashion statement – by designer Melissa Slack. $38

fairtrade tangua necklace

The Faire Collection features fair trade fashion selections from around the globe. Faire Collection’s approach brings income and activity to under-developed and impoverished communities around the globe. Formerly knows as The Andean Collection, the company recently changed its name when it expanded its product offerings from strictly South American-sourced artisan fashion items to a new global array of fine fashion pieces like this tagua seed necklace (above) $49.


(above) With early fall around the corner, I’m reminded that it’s my favorite time to don denim … trusty old jackets and jeans take seem to take me wherever I need to go. Here’s a cute weekend tote for carting must-haves as you make your way cross town, or sojourn upstate for a fabulous, foliage-filled getaway. With plenty of room for schlepping both small and rather large essentials, and created primarily from recycled denim & recycled cotton … let this one-of-a-kind work for you ($55) @ emmeliWorks

recycled tshirt

Raven + Lily are all about empowering women. This t-shirt (above) is a synthesis of style and conscience – the glamorous dark grey t-shirt has a fun gold brushstroke design down the front. Hand-printed in Cambodia, this eco-friendly top is made with remnant, natural-dyed jersey cotton by HIV positive and formerly trafficked women. In addition to providing sustainable economic opportunities, Raven + Lily returns proceeds to fund healthcare and literacy programs for the women and children in this community. $42 @

So that wraps-up today’s socially conscious collection of eco fab finds. Here’s wishing you a lovely, long Labor Day weekend. Cheers!

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