(above) Hmmm, I wonder how many choose to get hitched on Friday the 13th. Straight from Warsaw, Poland, Cutrag takes special requests for blushing brides and accompanying party members. Made by hand, and fully lined, this lovely blue dress is made from 100% recycled material. This one is “taken” but a custom one can be designed to suit your specific needs. Only $88.88 USD @


(above & below) For those who believe in the power of charms, Charmed Design will adorn your body with necklaces, anklets and bracelets intended to bring positive energy, luck, prosperity, good health, peace, happiness, wisdom, protection, strength …


seek and you shall find both cork bracelets laced with silver as well as hand dyed silk ribbon wraps accented with sweet symbols made of silver, copper and antique brass and imbued with magical powers. (pictured above: cork wrap with sterling silver charms $68; silk OM Treel of Life wrap $35.50 – handmade in Atlanta, GA)


Perfect for an early fall get-together – whether deckside in Montauk or trailside in the Catskills – loving this Upcycled Cardigan Sweater ($74) … Handmade of recycled silk, linen and cotton, and created right here in the USA find @ emmevielle.

upcycled mexican beer cap necklace

(above) Jewelry designer Justine Standaert specializes in creating handmade jewelry from upcycled items and materials found in and around her home base of Mexico. This upcycled Mexican beer cap necklace (above) features caps from many of your favorite cervezas. Bottlecaps are cleaned, hammered, cut, filed, soldered together to form beads and hand-assembled. The necklace closes on one of the sides of the bar and features 7 colorful bottlecap beads in different sizes hanging from an antique chain.  $75 @ Justine Justine.

As Fashion Week in NYC draws to a close, I can’t help but think back at all the good times I had at the GreenShows, which, sadly are no more. What we continue to do here is be conscious consumers – carefully consider which designers and retail shops we choose to support in our everyday lives. Have a great weekend, and remember – love what you have and pass along anything that you may no longer want.

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