eco-felted kimono jacket

(above) Created by 2 artists working side by side, this soft, drapable jacket is a blend of merino wool and peace silk fibers. The Eucalyptus leaf motif is printed via an eco-friendly dye and printing technique. find ($849) at the Vilte shop.

repurposed necktie ruffle-scarf

(above) An elegant alternative to that boring necklace… these limited edition pieces are handcrafted by re-fashioning unique vintage neckties from a curated collection. Each design is hand-ruffled and hand-stitched. Designed and hand-crafted by Nicole Deponte for Lilian Asterfield – each ruffle-scarf features a sewn-in dress snap, right at the knot, to snap on and go. This piece is perfect if you want your ruffles to hang more like a necklace.

These Limited Edition pieces are all tailored to fit, offering custom sizing and come in a variety of colors.  ($125) at the Lilian Asterfield shop

pashmina shawl_1.jpg

(above) It’s a bit nippy out there right now … so perfect anywhere, anytime and exuding classic style … we’re loving these Azuri Pashmina shawls made of 100% viscose. Just fold and toss in your handbag or carry-on for a light layer of comfort. Available in dozens of gorgeous colors … we picked pumpkin at this blow-out sale (only $15) @

nua waximum trenchcoat

(above) Lurking around the corner is a confluence of winter winds and a big drop in temps. Zip-up in a sleek and sustainably stylish organic cotton wind- and water-resistant winter coat. A smart recycled poly lining will add much needed warmth. ($330) @

upcycled bohemian tank

Broken Ghost Clothing delivers an eclectic mix of style from a slew of upcycled materials. (above) This reconstructed ‘JESSICA’ tank is a bohemian patchwork tunic from their Hippie Clothes Collection – handmade in Calgary, Canada ($78).

And that wraps up another edition of our Friday eco-fashion faves. Remember – love what you already have and be sure to pass along your pre-loved items. Here’s to a beautiful weekend.

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