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Friday, November 29, 2013


eco-fashion finds – paint it black

cow-lneck organic cotton blouse

Here’s our interpretation of Black Friday – a roundup of earth-friendly fashion in black…

I love the unique cowl neck on this handmade blouse. This casual top packs a lot of simple style. Made to order to your size and specs from super-soft organic cotton jersey – muy delicioso. $68 from thimble + acorn

upcycled inner tube bag

Here’s a bag for the hardcore urbanite (or wanna be). The ‘Imma’ handbag – which has been created from recycled truck inner tubes and seatbelt material – will add add a little edge to any outfit. Tough, waterproof and loaded with attitude… Made in the UK – $107 from Katcha Bilek

lola bamboo dress

This layered, black Lola dress is made from a blend of rayon bamboo (it’s renewable), cotton and a touch of Spandex for stretchability. Features an eye-catching spiral image on the bottom of the dress. $200 from the Funky Buddha Collection

novacas vegan boot

This casual vegan bootie is the creation of Portugal’s Novacas – a brand dedicated to providing animal and environment-friendly footwear of the highest quality. The ankle-high ‘Janis’ boot is made of faux suede and is made for casual romping about. Find it @

And that wraps up this week’s collection of favorite eco fashion finds – stop by every Friday for my little roundup of vegan and earth-friendly faves.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving – keep it green

Thanksgiving leftovers

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Here are a few easy tips to make your Turkey Day a more earth-friendly celebration.

  • If you’re driving to Grandma’s use the cruise control and avoid those quick stops and starts – you’ll save on gas and emissions and you may not spill the gravy…and by all means carpool.
  • Spring for a free range bird – you’ll be rewarded with good karma and a healthier, tastier meal…
  • Avoid all disposable utensils, plates and paper goods (save those trees and avoid that landfill). Use reusable napkins, china, utensils and glassware.
  • Dirty dish patrol – spare the younguns’ (do kids still do dishes?) and use the dishwasher – it actually saves H2O.
  • Donate some of your excess chow to a local soup kitchen or family in need.
  • Make the family participate in a board game or group activity for a little quality time – no computers, smartphones or video games. The family that plays together, stays together…
  • If you’re going to shop go local and think small – stay out of the big box stores…
  • Weather permitting, get outside and enjoy the fall. Compost some leaves, clean up the beach, or just go for an invigorating walk.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eco Chic Holidays – Party Looks!

holiday ornament

December is almost here. Crazy, right? Although I am not complaining because with the holiday season comes holiday parties! The holidays are usually a crazy, sparkly, wonderful whirlwind and I firmly believe that we should all look fabulous throughout – the stress and joy – that encompasses December.

To ease some of your stress and prepare you for the impending festivities, below are some sustainable dresses and jewels that will leave you and the environment feeling good in this traditionally fun yet wasteful time of  year.


Chic and weather appropriate, this Riyka Peggy dress ($321) from Helpsy ticks off all the boxes. The reclaimed leather panels on the dress keeps your look modern but the timeless structure enables you to wear this dress for years to come. Swipe on some red lipstick and you are ready to go! Prefer a little sparkle? Put on some jeweled earrings like these Amethyst Spirituality earrings ($48) from Alex and Ani. Classy and perfectly festive!


This Locket Dress ($198) from Reformation is bold, bright, and totally twirl-able. I would add some tights as this dress looks (more…)

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Coral Reefs: The Rainforests of Our Oceans

coral reef

Coral reefs are one of the biodiversity hotspots found in our global ecosystem. Many of them, like those in the Florida Keys, hold over 2,000 species of various marine animals. These essential ecosystems provide valuable services, such as: protection of coastlines from storms, food, and jobs all across the globe. Yet despite all the animals they house and services they provide, coral reefs only occupy less than 1% of the sea floor. (more…)

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Monday, November 25, 2013

A Happy Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Are you thinking of going cold turkey on well, turkey, this year? Well, just because you’re going meatless doesn’t mean your Thanksgiving dinner won’t be any less satisfying.

Every year, The New York Times composes a comprehensive Vegetarian Thanksgiving guide, accompanied by recipes and endless options to ensure a hearty meal. You can search by ingredient or just scroll through the page and click on whatever catches your eye. It is a wonderful tool to use for inspiration in preparing gluten-free or vegan variations as well as tasty left-overs. Below, I chose some potential dishes for a fabulous meatless Thanksgiving.



  • Mini Brie & Apple Quiches (above)
  • Spiced Almonds
  • Butternut Squash Cannoli

Main Course

  • Roasted Eggplant and Chickpeas With Cinnamon-Tinged Tomato Sauce and Feta
  • Harvest-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
  • Skillet Macaroni and Broccoli and Mushrooms and Cheese
  • Chugging Pumpkin Soup



  • Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie
  • Old Fashioned Chocolate Pudding Pie (above) (more…)
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