Thanksgiving leftovers

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Here are a few easy tips to make your Turkey Day a more earth-friendly celebration.

  • If you’re driving to Grandma’s use the cruise control and avoid those quick stops and starts – you’ll save on gas and emissions and you may not spill the gravy…and by all means carpool.
  • Spring for a free range bird – you’ll be rewarded with good karma and a healthier, tastier meal…
  • Avoid all disposable utensils, plates and paper goods (save those trees and avoid that landfill). Use reusable napkins, china, utensils and glassware.
  • Dirty dish patrol – spare the younguns’ (do kids still do dishes?) and use the dishwasher – it actually saves H2O.
  • Donate some of your excess chow to a local soup kitchen or family in need.
  • Make the family participate in a board game or group activity for a little quality time – no computers, smartphones or video games. The family that plays together, stays together…
  • If you’re going to shop go local and think small – stay out of the big box stores…
  • Weather permitting, get outside and enjoy the fall. Compost some leaves, clean up the beach, or just go for an invigorating walk.

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