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‘Tis The Season To Give Back!

internet gift

It’s the Holiday Season … have you given back?

This year instead of buying unnecessary new clothes, gadgets, or goodies for yourself or your significant other, try to give back by giving to or participating in a charity or program. If you’re looking for a little direction, here are a few non-profits on my list of worthy causes:

Toys for Tots is a U.S. Marine Corps Reserve program which has the mission of collecting new, unwrapped toys October-December and then delivering the presents to the less fortunate children. Or, if you don’t have time to drop off a toy, the charity also accepts monetary donations. The program assists children up to the age of 12-16 (depending on the community you’ve donated to), and has no specific requirements for what types of toys are donated, but will not accept any weapons or food. To find the drop off location nearest to you, you can visit: (more…)

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nature’s Path “Gardens for Good” Winners

winter garden vegetables

Gardens are one of the best ways to take a step towards being sustainable and green. Nature’s Path promotes the belief that “everyone has the right to fresh, organic, and chemical-free food“.

In order to encourage organic gardening further, Nature’s Path has its Gardens for Good Grant competition, which has recently ended and the winners have been announced!  The winners are: the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, Tri-Isle Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc., and rare Charitable Research Reserve!

Each of the winners will do their part by providing organic food for the communities that really need it. And of course Nature’s Path is happy to partner with Organic Gardening magazine to contribute a $15,000 grant to each of the winners to improve and continue their programs. The winners worked their way to the top of 153 entries and 9 finalists through online votes as well as their inspirational ways they described their project, the feasibility to establish and maintain the garden, and those that demonstrated community need.

  • The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative will transform vacant land plots and buildings into “agriculture-based resources from education programing to large-scale community gardens.” With their newly won grant they can now get the buildings going and start making immense progress!
  • The Tri-Isle Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc. is working in Maui to build a self-sufficient community in regards to food through educating locals and maintaining a garden. Their Goodwill Garden grows produce for weekly donations to organizations that feed the hungry!
  • Finally, the rare Charitable Research Reserve is a 900+ acre nature reserve in southern Ontario. They have community gardens allowing people of all ages to participate and grow their own food, a great sustainable initiative.
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